Why I'm being nicer to people and why you should too

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It probably comes as no surprise that I’m going to tell you to be nicer to people, right? It seems obvious. Being nice is a good thing to do. Easy enough?

But ask yourself, when’s the last time you got a little too snippy with a cashier at the grocery store or a customer service agent over the phone?

When’s the last time you cussed someone out from the comfort of your car because they were driving too slowly or going too fast?

It’s probably more recently than any of us would care to admit.

I’ve put together a list of reasons I think you should be nicer to people, as well as some scientifically proven health benefits that being a nicer person can have. This list also tells the stories of times I’ve been nicer in my life, and the joy it has brought me.

It is my hope that as you read this list, and as you carry on through your day and week, you remember that a little kindness does in fact go a long way.

It makes them feel good.

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