What a stay at the hospital would cost if we didn't have medical insurance

We are lucky to be living in Canada and have access to health insurance otherwise we would be emptying our pockets in a big way. If a person in Canada doesn't renew their insurance or have a valid RAMQ card then they will also have to pay high hospital rates.

Someone who visits the emergency room without valid insurance would have to pay $769.14 and that is without diagnostic testing. If that emergency room visit escalates into needing surgery then the bill would climb up to $4,445.85 plus the initial emergency room expense. A total of $5214.99.

If you or a loved one did not have a health insurance card and had recently had a baby, the price for the newborn to stay at the hospital would be $2,757.00 per day. Even more alarmingly, if the newborn needed special care, the price for a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit would be $16,311.00 per day.

Here's a list of other prices that someone without valid insurance or a RAMQ card would have to pay:

Emergency triage visit only - $124.92

A clinic or follow up visit - $127.65

Minor surgery (in an operating room) - $826.65

Minor surgery (without an operating room) - $193.26

MRI - $1,181.79

Hemodialysis - $912.00

Inpatient stay - $5,166.00/day

Intensive care unit stay - $16,311.00

Although we often face long wait times, it is a privilege to have access to medical treatment in Canada.



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