Vaccinated Quebecers to get QR Code as digital proof of vaccine on May 13

Vaccinated Quebecers and those who will soon be vaccinated will be able to receive, as of May 13, digital proof of vaccination in the form of a QR code; the usefulness and privileges remain to be clarified.

For now, this proof of vaccination, which will be emailed on Thursday, will not be considered a "vaccination passport."

It could be useful for those who have lost their paper proof of vaccination that is given during the vaccination or for certain travellers. For the rest, "we'll see," stated the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda.

Even if the debate has been ongoing for several months, Public Health is still not fixed on the various "ethical issues" involved in the vaccination passport.

Last week, Dr. Arruda showed little enthusiasm for such a pass, indicating that its use could be "marginal", due to the "perverse effects" associated with it.

The system, adopted among others by Denmark and Israel in order to be able to go to restaurants or participate in public events, is welcomed by