Top 8 At-Home Activities After 8PM

It comes as no shock that many people, both adults and children alike, are having difficulty adapting to new pandemic restrictions, resulting in a drastically sedentary lifestyle. While we start to see light at the end of the tunnel, particular obstacles such as Quebec’s 8 P.M. curfew, make it feel so much further away.

The upside? Just because for some, 8PM seems relatively early to head indoors, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. That's why we’re counting down West Island News’ Top 8 After 8: Family Activities!


8. Play A Board Game!

While Monopoly & The Game Of Life have entertained (and at times divided) families for generations, the whole idea of playing board games for hours may seem redundant. While this may be true for a few of the older ones, board games have gone through a major “renaissance” in the last few years and have been re-invented with new concepts, strategies and of course, beautiful game boards to keep your family entertained for hours!

Notable Game Mentions: Ticket To Ride, Otrio & Codenames


7. Indoor Movie Night!

Make no mistake. There’s the casual act of watching a movie and then there’s turning it into an event that the whole family can enjoy! Popcorn is a must but we can’t forget all those wonderful snacks that create the ultimate movie experience. Create your own movie bingo to k