Three natural remedies that cured my stomach ulcers without realizing it

When you have an ulcer, all you want to know is how to stop the discomfort, pain, nausea and taste in your mouth. How to cure a stomach ulcer was my biggest preoccupation. This list is of three natural remedies that soothed my stomach ulcers without realizing it. After taking over the counter cold and flu meds, I found myself over the flu but riddled with a stomach ulcer(s). Not sure how many I had, it felt like a million.

What does an ulcer feel like

The beginning was harrowing in the upper stomach between the ribs. The pain had me in tears more than once. The second phase was more manageable; the pain changed to pressure, almost like a balloon blown up in my stomach that pressed the upper part of the stomach. Nausea remained consistent throughout the experience. As time went on, nausea came in waves. I knew I was getting better. It was slow going, however. For a variety of reasons, I did not take antibiotics. In the beginning, I couldn't keep anything down, which I attribute more to the flu.

How to cure a stomach ulcer

Three things made me feel better. Honey, in a teaspoon four times a day. Plain sugar-free yogurt before I ate. Fruit. I craved these three things and, with a quick internet search, realized I was instinctively curing myself. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. I simply listened to my body.

This is what I learned: