The mashed potato recipe that changed my life

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One statement that gets me a lot of funny looks in the kitchen is that I don't like mashed potatoes. I know. How could someone not like mashed potatoes?

Well, without getting too graphic, my skewed view of mashed potatoes is the result of an unfortunate run-in that occurred in my childhood. The texture didn't appeal to my underdeveloped palate, but my mother was a stickler for the rules which meant I wasn't allowed up from the dinner table until I finished my plate.

I sat at the table gulping back disgust as I tried to swallow the last few bites of potato, but it was just too much. Before I could react, my gag reflex had gotten the better of me, and the potatoes were making an exit out my nose.

Needless to say, mashed potatoes lost my respect that day. That is until this past Thanksgiving when my father introduced me to "The BEST Mashed Potatoes!" recipe by Gimme Some Oven.

I didn't have dinner with my father this Thanksgiving sadly, but I stopped in during the day, and he wouldn't let me leave without trying these potatoes. As he prepared me a plate I looked on with skepticism, but I couldn't deny that they smelled delicious. I took my first bite and grew wide-eyed. They were everything I'd hoped they'd be and more. "Wow" was all I could manage to say as I finished every last bite.

The secret to this delicious recipe? Cream cheese. For me, mashed potatoes were just never flavourful enough, but cream cheese, garlic, whole milk, and chives come together in a perfect blend of savory, tangy and delicious.

Another key factor to these potatoes being delicious is making sure to not over-mash them. Leaving some pieces unmashed creates more texture and brings out the flavors perfectly.