The Best Montreal & Canadian Gambling Options

Montreal is one the most populous cities in Canada. This city in the province of Quebec has around 1.7 million people and the most spoken language is French. Gambling in Montreal is regulated by the Quebec Gambling Commission. In Canada, every province oversees its gambling related issues.


The casinos in Montreal Canada are controlled by the the Quebec Lotteries Society. The organization is a division of the Loto-Quebec corporation.

From 2004, smoking has been outlawed at Montreal casinos, while alcohol consumption has been permitted since 2013.

Since 1970, games of chance have been permitted in Montreal, but the governing laws keep changing over time. Montreal's gambling businesses draw some traffic from the United States given its closeness to the country, particularly in cities like New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

The Casino de Montréal is the one and only largest casino in Canada. The casino has over 3000 slot machines and over 100 table games, including blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat, three card poker, Texas Hold Em poker among others.

The Montreal casino is situated at Notre Dame Island. The casino is available 24 hours a day and only admits players over the age of 18. It has actually been open since 1993, and all proceeds go to the province of Quebec.

For a long time, video lottery and slot machines have been allowed in Montreal. Quebec province was the last in Canada to allow both slot machines and video lottery. Slot machines cannot be played outside casinos, this explains why Montreal casino is the only place you can access and play the slots. If you would like to play video lottery, you can do that at racinos or restaurants.

If you live in Quebec, you may utilize Espacejeux, a provincial internet platform that offers table games like poker and roulette, as well as slots, lottery games, keno, sports betting and keno.

You can also use guide to local online casinos in Canada there are 2 versions English version and French or you can use Trustpilot

Quebec's budget is primarily reliant on gambling, with the casino in Montreal serving as one of the most important revenue generators. According to the most recent numbers, the area made over $300 million in earnings.

Sports Betting

People in Montreal are so enthusiastic about sports. Montreal Impact is a major soccer team, Montreal Canadiens is a popular NHL franchise in Montreal. There is also a football league known as Montreal Alouettes in the city. The presence of sporting activities in Montreal makes betting so popular in the city.

The city's sole sports betting supplier is a platform named Mise-O-Jeu, which provides a variety of markets.

The site looks a lot like the Proline games that are popular in different parts of Canada. Due to federal sports betting restrictions, players may only place parlay bets; single event wagers are not permitted.

Two to eight selections are required for a parlay bet. To wager on sports, you must be a resident of Montreal or Quebec and at least 18 years old.

Mise-O-Jeu has an online betting platform where you may place your wagers. The odds aren't very good compared to the rest of the industry, which is understandable given that the platform is the region's sole regulated sports betting option. This is one of the main reasons why offshore sportsbooks are so popular in Montreal and across Canada: customers desire access to a larger range of markets and higher odds.

With the popularity of offshore online betting sites growing in Montreal, the government has been trying hard to discourage individuals from utilizing them.

In Montreal, one such effort was to have internet service providers ban these offshore portals. This law went into force in 2016, however it was quickly overturned after being found to be unconstitutional.

Animal Racing

In Canada, horse racing used to be a tremendously popular sport. In Montreal and its environs, there were various racetracks. They were, however, all recently shut down.

The Blue Bonnets Raceway, subsequently known as the Hippodrome de Montreal, was the most famous of these circuits. Before closing its doors in 2009, it had been open for 137 years. Demolition commenced in 2018 after the property had been abandoned for over a decade.

In various parts of Quebec, harness racing is held, with betting authorized and gaming machines accessible on site.


Since 2007, the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission has regulated Texas Hold Em poker in Montreal. You may currently play poker at the following locations:

  • Casino de Montreal

  • Poker Club Montreal

  • El Jumelgi Poker Room

  • Poker Palace Playground

  • Casino de Charlevoix

The state-run Mise-O-Jeu platform allows you to play online poker.


Lotteries are the oldest legalized form of gaming in Montreal.Since the Criminal Code of Canada was amended in 1969, provinces have been able to organize their own lotteries. As a result, the Loto-Quebec lottery commission was established as the controlling body for Montreal lotteries.

If you live in Montreal, you may now participate in draw and quick lottery games at a variety of sites across the city.

Since 2010, when the Loto-Québec issued its approval, online lottery games have been legal. The initial offers were released in 2012. Residents of Montreal may now use this website to buy lottery tickets and play games. Every day, there are drawings.


Any bingo games hosted in Montreal are overseen by the Société des bingos du Québec. Bingo, a type of charity gaming, is a terrific method for NGOs to collect money for their causes. The Bingo Masson is one of the city's most popular bingo halls.


In Canada, roulette is one of the most popular games. On online casino sites, the Canadian variant is very popular. The regulations should be defined for new roulette players. The core of roulette is that a player bets on a certain attribute, such as number, color of a number (red or black), or the value of a number (even or odd). The player stakes his money on the cell where he believes the ball will fall. The dealer tosses the ball into the air, and if it lands on the player's chosen value, the player wins. The larger the player's wins, the more precisely he determines the number.


Apart from roulette, Canadians like blackjack. The game's rules are straightforward. The player and the banker are each dealt two cards. The player must gather the number of points that is closest to 21 or 21 points. The computer opponent usually quits after 17 points, allowing the player to take greater chances and win more. When playing blackjack, it's critical to grasp the significance of the cards: image cards are worth ten points, while an ace is either one point or eleven points. Cards ranging from 2 to 10 provide points based on their face value. The blackjack game comes in a variety of varieties, allowing Canadian players to vary their free time.

Furthermore, participants in this game may employ their mental abilities without relying on technology. To win large, players employ a variety of techniques. You may also try your hand at blackjack and employ various techniques during the game to increase your chances of winning.

Good options online and offline

Montreal is one of the country's major cities, and its residents are gambling enthusiasts.

Because the city is home to several renowned athletic teams, it's no wonder that sports betting is a popular pastime among its residents. As part of the Mise-O-Jeu platform, a wide number of marketplaces are offered. You may place bets both online and at a physical location.

Although there is just one casino in the city, it is the largest in Canada. More than 3,200 gambling machines and 120 table games are available at the Casino de Montreal.

Sadly, the city's most famous horse racetrack has been closed for some years and is gradually being dismantled. Poker and bingo are two additional popular pastimes in Montreal, and they may be enjoyed in a variety of venues as well as online.

Finally, the lottery is the oldest and most popular type of gambling in the city.

Overall, Montreal has a diverse range of gaming choices that should satisfy the demands of most gamers.

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