Quebec makes an update on the vaccination passport.

The Health Minister held a press conference today.


The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, provides an update on the use of the future vaccine passport in the province.

"We want to avoid a general lockdown, and that involves the two-dose vaccination," said Minister Dubé.

This evidence of adequate vaccination could be used for non-essential activities in the event of a deterioration in the epidemiological situation.

It could be requested for high-risk activities involving a limited number of people such as gyms, bars and restaurants or during team sports.

Moderate or low-risk activities involving a large number of people (arts and entertainment, festivals and major events, sports matches) would also be affected.

The Legault government aims to implement this vaccine passport on September 1, when the entire population over the age of 12 will have had the opportunity to have access to two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

"In the event of a further increase in cases, with the deployment of a vaccine passport, adequately protected persons will be able to continue their daily activities, and the economic and public sectors will be able to remain open," explained Minister Dubé.