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Pointe-Claire City on #BlackLivesMatter

After participating in the recent town hall meeting put on by the West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA), The Pointe-Claire City Council put forth a resolution and announced on their website:

The City of Pointe-Claire is unified in recognizing the importance of respecting human rights and freedoms so that we can all live without fear in a peaceful, inclusive, tolerant and safe environment. The demonstrations against racism taking place around the world, ignited by the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, in the United States, is a clarion call of the importance of supporting and defending all those who experience one form or another of discrimination. This horrific act was but one of many that demonstrates the existence of systemic racism in our society. The City of Pointe-Claire acknowledges its existence and is dedicated to working with our citizens and other levels of government to enact change to ensure that we all, without exception, live in a healthy environment that fosters mutual respect by recognizing, accepting and supporting our differences. We must act collectively to identify and understand the sources of racism and above all better train our protection services officers and justice system agents, to guarantee all our fellow citizens a living environment where equity, respect and freedom are more than just simple words with no real consequences. Regardless of our background, our beliefs, our gender, our sexual orientation, our skin colour, our language or our means, we are all equal and must be able to enjoy the same rights. Pointe-Claire is a tightly knit multi-ethnic community that stands together, respectful and proud of its diversity. Our values of inclusion and justice that guide us must reflect daily in all facets of our community life, whether at home, at work or in our various activities.

Together, we must fight all forms of discrimination—at this time, at this moment, we assert collectively and with one voice that “# Black Lives Matter”!

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