Natural remedies to lighten scars

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We all have scars. Both physical and metaphorical. I am the biggest advocate for changing the way we view our scars; for seeing them as battle wounds that we survived. But I also recognize that they can become heavy. That they can tear away at our self-esteem and confidence.

Whether it's acne scars from your teenage years, stretch marks from your first pregnancy, or self-inflicted scars from a particularly difficult time in your life, there are many reasons why you may be seeking to lighten those deep brown, purple, or green tones that some scars can have.

When it comes to lightening scars, experts say it is important to know not only how scars form, but what type of scar you’re dealing with. Here’s a breakdown:

When a wound is deep enough to penetrate the dermis – the second layer of your skin – a scar is formed. Collagen fibers created as a repair mechanism by the body lead to the formation of scar tissue, leaving the discoloration you are likely familiar with.

Generally, the more surface a wound, the quicker it takes to heal which means minimal scarring. That said, the more severe a wound, the more severe the scar will be.

It is also worth noting that the formation, color, and shape of scars are highly dependent on their location, as well as the age of the person in question.

The different types of scars: