Montreal's Undiscovered Pearl: Best Things to Do in West Island

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West Island is a perfect area for relaxation, fun, and quality time with family and friends to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Surprisingly, it doesn't come as a choice for newcomers, as there are more mainstream areas in this area that get the right of passage due to their reputation, but after you get done with those, you should visit the following.

Montreal welcomes more than 11 million foreign tourists a year, and there are many good reasons for that. The playful and sometimes even wild energy in the city brings many people to the Island every year. The attractions are numerous and highly valued among the visitors.

The Montreal Casino is a perfect example of the "vibe" that the city center leaves the visitors with once they step into it. The building served as the French pavilion in 1967. It's known as one of the most significant buildings of this type in Canada. It was transformed into a casino in 1993 and a well-preserved state at the time. The building is visitable even today, and the interior has a specific, fun atmosphere. In the section where live roulette gets spun, players will get to see much of the history built in it, architectural jewels, while also the heart of entertainment vibes.

A bit farther away from the culture, games, and general hype, West Island is an oasis of peace, a perfect place to rest the body, the soul, and the mind. The Western part of the Island offers beautiful nature, sunsets, and unique shopping experiences.

West Island – Rest Island