How to prepare for bunion foot surgery and what to expect

I got mixed reviews when I discussed getting a bunion corrected with my peeps. It was going to be so painful, they said. Truth be told, I did not take any of the pain meds after the first day. It is worth it, and I will be getting the other foot corrected in a year or so.

Here is my play by play on how it went:

The Day Before

It's a great idea to prepare the day before. Set up your sit station with all your fun things to do. For me, that includes a phone charger, tv remote, a knitting project; go for an easy one to start; you may not be in the mood to concentrate right away. My laptop and charger, because how else can I blog??

Prepare a pitcher of water set up with a glass on a placemat to avoid spills that may damage your furniture. I put a blanket down on my sofa, knowing I would want to be in the main living space and want to snack there. I placed three pillows on the couch, you will need to elevate your foot, and you may wish to a couple for behind your head and back. I threw a couple of blankets on the armrest's end to grab if I felt chilly.

The Big Day

Leaving for the clinic

In my case, it was required to have a drive down, and a pick up after. While the sedatives claim not to be potent, it is not recommended to drive after this surgery. I was stoned for at least a day and did not realize it.

I showered before getting dressed and washed my hair. I did apply moisturizer as I always do. I used coconut oil on my toes and feet before putting on my socks. I always do this to keep my feet from being dry. I wore loose-fitting clothing as suggested. You may not want to fiddle with getting your pants over your bandages after all is said and done. The operating room was pretty cold, so a snuggly blanket or sweater is good to have if you are permitted.