How this local mother-daughter duo is taking the crafting world by storm

Image courtesy of Meaghan Kilmartin

Raise your hand if you learned how to bake bread in 2020?

How about whipped coffee? Did you try your hand in tie-dye?

The coronavirus pandemic forced us all to find new and creative ways to pass time, connect with family and friends, and be creative.

Windows were plastered with cardstock rainbows, knitting and embroidery supplies were cleared from craft store shelves, and people all over the world learned how to give themselves a less than perfect at-home haircut.

But mother Sylvia, and daughter Meaghan, were no strangers to the world of homemade crafts and hands-on creativity. For them, the COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for launching a small business that sells handmade goods for every occasion.

We guarantee you’ll love their eco-friendly, community-focused values and we hope you’ll pay them a visit the next time you’re shopping for a birthday, housewarming, baby shower, bridal shower, or anniversary gift.

I had the chance to sit down with Sylvia Rassi, and Meaghan Kilmartin from @gardenofdaisiesco and talk about their latest passion project and website launch.