Gargamel: Forever In Our Hearts

The Ecomuseum Bids Adieu To The Majestic Grey Wolf

Gargamel The Wolf
A Photo Of Gargamel Taken Last Month

It is with deep sadness that West Island News must report the passing of Gargamel, the Ecomuseum's famous Grey Wolf. Gargamel, who's lived at the zoo for many years, had recently been dealing with deteriorating health.

In their statement, the zoo said "Over the past year and especially the past few months, we have witnessed significant changes in his health, including significant epileptic episodes. Several actions have been taken and treatment plans adjusted to counter the effects of the disease, but to no avail (...) After several treatment attempts and an exhaustive analysis of his general condition, our head veterinarian Dr. Sarah Annie Guenette and our veterinary and animal care team had to make the difficult decision to proceed with his medical euthanasia."

While many had hoped to see Gargamel's condition improve, it was stated that "His condition was not reversible. The signs clearly showed that his quality of life was no longer acceptable and that a rapid deterioration was underway."

The Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue zoo, which hosts approximately 50 different animals, is known for its care and dedication to all their creatures, including Gargamel's companion, Palla. The zoo also spoke about her: "Many of you will surely be worried about Palla, this duo having been very close to each other. One of the first steps taken to help Palla’s grieving was to allow her time with Gargamel after his passing (...) this process