Fall nail color trends we can get behind

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Whether you’re in the salon every other week getting a fresh set of acrylics, or you can only be bothered to DIY your nails before a holiday or celebration, there is a color on this list for everybody.

Although I have to keep my nails short because I’m a musician and can’t play my guitar with stunningly long nails, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good pampering session from time to time. When I do treat myself to a mani-pedi, or a new bottle of nail polish at the drug store, I like knowing that I’m keeping up with the trends.

It’s tough to do because it feels as though some colors go out of style as quickly as they came into it. Continue reading for a list of colors that are a hot commodity heading into the Fall, but that will remain classic all year round.

Stormy Blue

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What colors come to your mind when you think of a stormy sky? Deep shades of blue and hues of grey; Stormy Blue is a perfect balance of blue and grey, giving you an extremely wearable nail look as it’s still neutral and goes well with all your fall outfits and accessories, but it’s a bit bolder than a traditional tan or dusty rose color.