Canada’s flight attendants back in the sky after 18 months away

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It goes without saying that the year 2020 brought to each and every one of us trials, tribulations, fear, worry, uncertainty, and anxiety.

The COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe and brought with it death, poverty, and unemployment. Millions of people worldwide were left wondering where their next paycheck may be coming from.

It’s no secret that practically every business and industry had to redefine its practices, policies, and procedures. Largely impacted was the airline industry.

Seemingly overnight, flights were canceled, travelers were panicking to fly home, borders were closed and subsequently, jobs were lost. In May of 2020, Air Canada alone announced that they had plans to lay off more than 20,000 employees amidst the pressures of the pandemic (SOURCE). This number does not account for the many other Canadian airlines that were forced to make similar adjustments.

As the world begins to transition into its new definition of normal, and new restrictions get lifted daily, so too must Canada’s airlines begin to transition and adjust into their new role post-COVID.

Melanie Kis, who has been a flight attendant (for a company she has chosen not to disclose) since 1999 is no stranger to the airline industry and the many changes it has faced over the last 22 years, but nothing – not even 911 – could have prepared her for the upheaval that the Coronavirus would bring.

"In 22 years I've never seen a shutdown like this. I mean, I worked through SARS and it didn't even compare. The closest thing I've ever experienced to this level of shut down was 911 and even that was only for a few month