A local school's tribute to the 215 children found in Kamloops

Image courtesy of Laura Sulano and Lori Timmons

A West Island school has found a meaningful way to not only express their creativity but also to celebrate their accomplishments and even pay tribute to the children who were tragically found at the Kamloops residential school in BC.

The grade 6 daycare students at St. John Fisher Senior Elementary School in Pointe-Claire celebrated their upcoming graduation with a Dream Weaver mural which highlighted the students' hopes and aspirations as they head towards high school and the rest of their lives.

The project, which was led by one of the school’s daycare educators Lori Timmons, began merely as an annual tradition but quickly evolved into so much more.

“I guess I had been listening to ‘Dream Weaver’ by Gary Wright, and the song had been stuck in my head. I was just sort of doodling ideas one afternoon and I thought – that might make an interesting end-of-year piece.”

Timmons proposed the idea to her students, and they were eager to get started.

Lori Timmons is a graphic designer by trade, who studied at Dawson College in Montreal, but later went back to school to get her teaching degree with a specialization in art. Overseeing the daycare program not only allowed Timmons to pursue her passion for children, but to also have the flexibility for her own kids and be around home while they grew up.