9 benefits of drinking more kombucha

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By now you may have noticed a pattern in the articles I write. For a period of time, I was really struggling with my digestion and was in a considerable amount of pain. No amount of Pepto-Bismol or tummy massages could appease the sharp, relentless pains in my ribs and abdomen.

I was then led on a hunt through the internet abyss. I found liquid chlorophyll, I found dates - which I wrote articles about - and I finally found the miraculous world of kombucha.

Kombucha is typically made from black or green tea but can be made by some naturally caffeine-free teas (like rooibos) for those with caffeine sensitivities.

The naturally carbonated beverage is made by fermenting a sweetened tea and feeding it with a culture of bacteria and yeast.

I turned to kombucha primarily for its digestive benefits but found a slew of others in the process. Here are 9 benefits of kombucha tea. You may have found your new morning ritual.

1. Natural Detox

Typically, when you hear the word detox, it’s safe to assume at least one of three organs are being affected: the pancreas, the liver, and the kidneys. Each plays a pivotal role in blood, breaking down of enzymes, and creation of necessary hormones. Glucaric acid, one of the primary components in Kombucha is responsible for the natural detoxification of the liver. Stock up on a couple of bottles before your next night out and your hangover will thank you.

2. Immunity