5 teas and herbs to drink more of

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Before writing for the West Island News, I was lucky enough to work in a tea shop. As such, I became quite familiar with the benefits of different tea types, herbs, and blends.

Below is a list of what I feel are essential additions to your tea collection. From insomnia to IBS to heart health and better focus, you are sure to find something useful (and maybe even surprising) on this list.

Are you more of a tea or coffee drinker?

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Made by drying the chamomile flower, which is very similar to a daisy, steeping this tea has a wide variety of benefits. Most of which, I had not yet heard of. Over time, you’ve likely heard how chamomile can have calming properties that appease anxiety and aid in better sleep.

What you might not have heard are the ways in which steeping the dried chamomile flower can aid with menstrual pain and symptoms and can even fight against osteoporosis. This degenerative disease caused by weak and brittle bones is most commonly see