3 health benefits of dates and 3 ways to eat more of them

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Dates are the dried fruit plucked from the date palm tree, usually found in more tropical regions across the globe.

The most common date that you will find in recipes or at your local grocery store is the Medjool date. At their freshest, you can sometimes purchase them attached to the vine. If convenience is more your style, you can purchase them with the pit (similar to an avocado or cherry) removed.

Most dates are consumed in their dried state, rather than their fresh state. Think raisin and prune. Fresh dates are more commonly consumed in Eastern parts of the world as the weather conditions allow for better ripeness.

Whether you eat them fresh or dried, dates are an excellent nutrition source and have even been proven to fight the risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and some forms of cancer.

Here are 3 proven health benefits of dates, and 3 simple ways to consume more of them!

1. High in nutrients

For a fruit of such small stature, dates pack a strong nutritional punch. In just two Medjool dates, there are:

3.2 grams of fiber

0.8 grams of protein