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Évoilà5 fed more than 400 people in need this holiday season

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This holiday season, the West Island location of Évoilà5 partnered with the West Island Mission to help alleviate food insecurity for families in the community.

Over the course of the holiday period, Évoilà5 clients had the option to purchase an additional meal as part of their five-meal bundle. The sixth meal was then donated to a family facing food insecurity across the West Island of Montreal.

In a Facebook post, Évoilà5 shared their excitement:

"We are so excited to announce that our holiday initiative that was run through our Pointe-Claire boutique had such amazing results! Our loyal clients found it in their hearts to add an extra meal to their order to help a family in need. We served a total of 432 meals!

All proceeds went to the West Island Mission where we were able to give the gift of happiness this holiday season, also in collaboration with West Island News.

West Island Mission is a non-profit organization that provides well-balanced, high-quality food assistance and other related aid to the less fortunate living on the West Island of Montreal."


On behalf of the entire team at West Island News, we would like to send a huge congratulations to the teams at Évoilà5 and West Island Mission for this incredible accomplishment.